Just like you, we are independent financial advisors. We used to be in the same shoes as you are in today and that is why we understand some worries you may have. Our new blog is meant to provide our innovative business perspectives and share our thoughts on daily situations an independent financial adviser is likely to go through. Our goal is to increase your shares in the market by helping you offer a better customer service.

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Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our new blog!

Dear partner advisors, Today I’m delighted to share with you the very first article in the StandOp blog. As you know, what motivates us is our desire to help you as independent advisors grow your market share. For our part, this motivation is expressed in...

Are you an  entrepreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur?

I’m an entrepreneur in the financial services industry. But I must admit that it took me a while to realize it. So I’d like to ask you: Are you an entrepreneur? Do you see yourself as being in business? Do you think like a business owner? Personally, I...

Do you have too many ideas?

Do you have too many ideas?

If I asked you: Do you have too many ideas? If you’re like me, you probably said yes. In this blog I’ll discuss about what I mean by too many ideas and how I experience it. It seems that every week I’m presented with a new possibility: a new business...

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